Ted’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

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  • @markcorrea d’oh. Try this: http://bit.ly/iUUpG #
  • @jeffjarvis What should worry new sites looking to charge even more: only 3,000 people signed up for InDenverTimes http://tinyurl.com/ln447p #
  • Wondering if some sort of Google Wave integration will be incorporated into #WordPress 3.0 #
  • Should newspaper publishers go all cartel at their secret NAA meeting and start charging for online news? http://tinyurl.com/p3sbuj #
  • NY Times looking to go crazy with “takeover” ads, much like ESPN.com has done: http://tinyurl.com/m79842 #
  • @lizsteinke hey Liz. I totally missed your messages. As a “new media” friend, I feel hopelessly old media when it comes to Twitter in reply to lizsteinke #
  • @ladygypsy I would have been disappointed (and a little startled) had it been mike’s. Easily the cutest Disney flash drive I’ve ever seen in reply to ladygypsy #
  • @wrhodes Outstanding. We should have something like that to auto reply any time somebody writes about one of our hyperlocal towns! in reply to wrhodes #
  • Custom publishing comes to the Gawker blog network, in the form of the True Blood blog: http://tinyurl.com/p3cx8k #
  • Stopping my tweets from syndicating directly to Facebook #
  • http://pro.gigaom.com/ is the first major media site to be powered by BuddyPress. It’ll have some company injersey soon 😉 #
  • Plastic Logic’s e-reader is like an anorexic Kindle — seemingly attractive at first, but fundamentally dysfunctional http://shar.es/XzN8 #


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