Caroline digs the beach (and daddy digs iMovie for iPhone)

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This last weekend was Caroline’s first 4th of July, which we celebrated part of on the Jersey Shore, visiting Ana’s brother at his almost-finished beach house on LBI. We had an amazing day, giving baby Caroline her first roll on the beach. Ana purchased a cool collapsible wading pool, which she just loved. It was also our last day with Ana’s mom, who had to fly back to Portugal on Monday. It was sad to say goodbye (especially since we had such a great visit with her this last month), but I’m so thankful that she had as much time as she did to bond with the baby.

Throughout the day I also took a bunch of photos and videos with my new iPhone 4. Mostly I was just trying to get the hang of the device’s tap-to-focus function. When I got home, though, I decided to give the new iMovie for iPhone app a whirl. Until now it’d seemed kinda impossible to me that you could actually do any real video editing on a cell phone. But boy was I wrong. Not only was the app infinitely easier to use that the iMovie desktop app (or any video editing software, for that matter), but it was just as powerful. You can add titles, Ken Burns effects, a musical store, and even transitions. It’s unbelievable. The above clip took me all of 10 minutes to edit (ok, 15, if you factor in the extra 5 min to recut the thing, after Ana complained about some bathing suit pictures of her that were initially included.)

Best of all, you can upload your video straight to YouTube directly from the phone. The only catch is that if you do upload from the phone, it degrades the video quality. So if you want the full HD clip (which I did), you still have to copy the video from your phone to the computer, then upload via the web. If Apple can figure out how to allow HD uploading right from the phone, this may well inspire a massive boom in the amount of quality, edited mobile video. I for one will be doing my part. At least, until all my family and friends tell me to quit it with the home-movie insanity.


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