Ted’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-15

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  • Just got my beta invite to @rockmelt. Thanks @jodiontheweb! #
  • Now Even Fancast.com Is Blocked On Google TV http://pulsene.ws/gfVv #
  • MacX Video Converter Pro available free until November 15 http://pulsene.ws/gugo #
  • Patch reports 300% traffic surge on election day http://bit.ly/cVGD5l #
  • Square Now Processing Millions Of Dollars In Mobile Transactions Every Week http://t.co/phrecW1 via @techcrunch #
  • My freelance web design business is rocking a new website: http://stripedbull.com whadaya think? #
  • Can anyone tell me how much traffic the typical Patch.com site gets, post-AOL frontpage placement? #wjchat #
  • @cascheller can I get an InJersey.com holla?! #wjchat #
  • Q9: Success in hyperlocal = engagement, engagement, and more engagement. UGC posts, video, photos, Facebook Shares, Retweets … #wjchat #
  • Q10: One of my favorite hyperlocal marketing ideas: @infreehold set up a mini newsroom at the Zebu coffee shop in Freehold, NJ. #wjchat #
  • If MSM really wants to go hyperlocal, will need to completely turn reporting resources upside down. Current structure is challenge #wjchat #
  • @tracyrecord trust me, not a single MSM outlet has reporters to spare. :) #wjchat #
  • @norelledone NYTimes did do hyperlocal. They've pulled back. Now working on partnerships with local universities to take over sites #wjchat #
  • Fun first visit to #wjchat. Great #hyperlocal conversation #
  • @jen_mcfadden They poached the first member of my team! And have been at it ever since. Luckily, most of the best have stuck around. #

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