Resolved: To Shop Local (and price match) in 2012

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When Santa failed to bring us naughty kids a new double baby stroller for Christmas this year, Ana quickly set to work on finding a way to get us the preferred model with at least a 20% discount. Not two weeks later, mission accomplished. Only problem: It was at

Normally I don’t think twice about ordering online, but lately I’ve noticed a domino chain of stores closing in my town, Haddonfield. Last week, I quietly resolved to make 2012 the year I actually try to shop local.

It’s hard, of course, given that nearly everything we’re inclined to buy these days is available via iTunes or Amazon, but still: Something like the Bob Duali baby jogger stroller we can easily find in town. And sure enough, the Haddonfield Running Company had exactly the right model — only for about $150 more than the REI price.

Just for the heck of it, I walked in today with a printout from the REI site and asked if they would price match. “We can do that, sure.” No argument at all. They thanked me for giving the local mom-and-pop shop a shot.

Up until now I’ve never tried this anywhere but a know price-matching retailer (e.g. Buy Buy Baby), but after that happy-making experience, I may just have to walk into every ol’ store in town with a printout — if not a SnipSnap screenshot.


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